Reviews: Faithless

Review by Danielle de Valera:

I really enjoyed this book. Even though it’s the middle one in a trilogy, it stands alone perfectly. There’s always a sense of mystery in Lafferty Webb’s work, a mystery that seems to be conveyed between the lines rather than in them. This sense of mystery gives an extra dimension to everything she writes. The plot has some lovely, imaginative developments, and the ending left me keen to read the last book in the series when it comes out. A good read.

Five Stars: Goodreads review

Faithless is the 2nd in the Safe Harbour series by Aussie author Shaune Lafferty Webb and follows on nicely from the first (Cold Faith). Rab’s character has matured, but with his continuing search for Gift, part of his psych has stalled. Cloud is a great stabilising character and adds to the intrigue and emotion of the story. I thoroughly enjoyed Faithless and will be looking forward to the third in the series. Highly recommended.