The Safe Harbour Chronicle


as if escaping a doomed Earth wasn’t hard enough …

Cold Faith_cover

‘Cold Faith’, Book 1 of The Safe Harbour Chronicle, was released 8 May 2015 by Hague Publishing. It can be purchased from Hague Publishing and most online bookstores.

Rab’s chances of escaping a doomed Earth with the last three children from his dying village look slim at best until he encounters Sunny, lone and hostile survivor of an escape plan that failed. Then his real troubles begin …

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FAITHLESS: Book 2                                           OUT NOW!!!

… some secrets just can’t be contained …stack

Ten years ago Rab learned the secret of the planet he calls home – and lost the young girl he’d vowed to protect; traded for a sweater and a pair of boots. Since then he’s wandered the barren surface searching for her. Now he must guide others back to his deserted village, certain the journey will tell him nothing he doesn’t already know – he is wrong.