Bus Stop on a Strange Loop

“It came off the front of a bus.”

BSL CoverWhen brothers Nicky and Ethan escape the degraded, dangerous world of the future, they are seeking only sanctuary and peace. All they want is to leave their past behind them, but Ethan’s unique talent, the instrument of their escape, means the past can never be forgotten – Nicky and Ethan have been followed …

School teacher Olivia lives a lonely but safe life in the home of her late foster parents, a home she is about to lose. After an unsettling encounter with her new neighbours and a series of puzzling break-ins, Olivia is inadvertently drawn into the brothers’ lives, and her own past is brought into sharp relief by her discovery of a cache of her foster mother’s diaries, which raise questions about her birth parents.

The deeper she delves into the diaries, the closer she draws to unravelling an old mystery that will taint her relationship with Nicky and Ethan and challenge her perception of reality.

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What some readers have to say about ‘Bus Stop on a Strange Loop’

“My God this story is good. Subtle, sinister, and absolutely gut-wrenching and engaging. It’s like falling in love with a whirlwind … The world and characters are intensely visual, the themes intense and constant, the weave of the story flawless. Absolutely remarkable reading.” Goodreads Review

“A beautiful book. Strange and mysterious.” Amazon Review

“I was surprised by how emotional I felt by the end. I really felt for the characters. I don’t know whether it’s worth four or five stars but I’m going with five because I don’t experience that feeling often.” Amazon Review

“… you are in for an absorbing, thoughtful and enjoyable piece of speculative fiction. Like Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife, the novel works back and forwards in time complicating the relationships of characters, and posing the question of whether the past (and thus the future) can be changed.”  Helen Richardson, NSW Writers Centre Newsbite 28 November 2011

“… an evocative, intense and dense book… This is no 45 minute jaunt in a blue box, but a book that demands that the reader work to unpack the story, the connections and implications.” Goodreads Review

“I really enjoyed this book … for me, it’s borderline 5 stars … I find myself continuing to think about the plot and characters which is usually a good sign that it was a great book. I still do the same thing with other scifi books like I am Legend and Ender’s Game. I highly recommend this book.” Goodreads Review

“4.5 [stars] … once you’re about half way through you just have to read it all at once. Quite addicting at the end.” Goodreads Review