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February 2020

So pleased to announce that Hague Publishing has taken my latest novel, ‘The Journing Plague’, onboard. It will be a while yet before it’s released but I’ll be sure to keep you informed and, in the coming months, reveal a little bit more about it.

November 2019

The Unforgotten (Book # 3 in The Safe Harbour Chronicle Series)


Available from Hague Publishing and most online book sellers.

July 2019

‘The Unforgotten’, the last in The Safe Harbour Chronicle trilogy, won’t be long in coming now. the cover is completed and the publisher is undertaking the last of the formatting. I hope to be able to bring you a preview of the cover very shortly.

2018 Ursa Major Award Results

Results of the 2018 Ursa Major Awards announced Columbus, Ohio 26 May 2019:

Best Novel: Small World, by Gre7g Luterman

Runners-Up (in descending number of votes

• Once A Dog, by Shaune Lafferty Webb
• Cosmic Lotus, by Bernard Doove
• The Snake’s Song, by Mary E. Lowd

Congratulations to Mr. Luterman. Once a Dog didn’t quite make it, but I’m still so pleased to have been nominated and thank you to my readers and Jaffa Books.

2018 Ursa Major Award Nominations

I’m very happy to announce that ‘Once a Dog’ has been nominated for a 2018 Ursa Major Award in the category of Best Novel. See the Ursa Major Awards webpage for a list of nominees in all categories. My sincere thanks to Jacob Coates from Jaffa Books for bringing my novel to readers.

14 November 2018

Today, I was saddened to hear news of the passing of Fred Patten, who only this year was kind enough to write the wonderful review for ‘Once a Dog’ you can link to below. Mr Patten was a prolific writer, essayist, and critic for over five decades in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, anime, manga, and furry fandom.

Mr Patten passed away 12 November 2018, the same day as Stan Lee.

Supanova 2018 Brisbane

If you’re going to Supanova in Brisbane this year, come and see me on Saturday 10 November at the Jaffa Books table. I’ll be helping Jacob Coates, principal of Jaffa Books, and, of course, signing copies of my latest work, ‘Once a Dog’. Hope to see some of you there.

July 2018

‘Once a Dog’ has been recommended for a 2018 Ursa Major Award in the Anthropomorphic Novel category. I’m pleased to see that Lew Viergacht, cover artist, has also been recommended in the Anthropomorphic Published Illustration category.

Now it’s all up to the nominations!

“We hear new Laws are soon to be enacted in Dog Haven…”

‘Once a Dog’ is available from Jaffa Books and most online bookstores. Check out the first review in Dogpatch Press by Fred Patten.

Once a Dog

Jesse B. Collie lives a simple life, but a good one. His uprights feed him and look after him, there is plenty of time to play with his brother and Oldmister Overlord, and soon, he’ll be old enough to go running free in the fields just like Mother. What more could a young packer like Jesse want in life?

But a new law is about to be enacted in Dog Haven… a law that involves Jesse in ways he could never have expected.


Many thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at Supanova Brisbane 2017. It was a great three days and here’s hoping we meet up again after my new work, ‘Once a Dog’, is released by Jaffa Books in 2018. ‘Til then ….


The 2017 give-away is now ended and congratulations to the winners. I hope you enjoy the read!!!



Andrew Harvey, principal of Hague Publishing, and I are pleased to bring you the second installment in the continuing story of The Safe Harbour Chronicle.


… some secrets just can’t be contained …

My heart-felt thanks to those readers who have already started down this journey with me; I have sincerely appreciated your generous feedback and hope that you will find ‘Faithless’ equally entertaining and thought-provoking. ‘Faithless’ is available in both print and digital format from Hague Publishing and most online bookstores.



‘Cold Faith’

The first installment in The Safe Harbour Chronicle, is available in both print and digital format from Hague Publishing and most online bookstores.

A protracted volcanic winter has devastated Earth and left only isolated pockets of survivors. With food becoming scarcer and the air growing toxic, Rab sees just one chance for survival: a perilous journey north in search of a fabled city that was rumoured to be one of the many staging areas where ships were launched, ferrying vast numbers of the people of Earth to a salvation planet.

But Rab didn’t count on being forced to take along the last three children from his dying village. When one of the children breaks his leg, they are rescued by the hostile and sceptical Sunny, and taken by her to an underground refuge where she, her grandfather, and other refugees survive in comparative luxury. But it is a luxury teetering on the edge of collapse, and when Sunny’s grandfather begs to join Rab’s party, Sunny, to Rab’s dismay, insists on coming with them.

Leaving two of his party behind Rab heads north again. With him is Gift, the young girl from Rab’s village, Sunny’s grandfather and Kix, the old man’s ancient horse, the last of its kind. Leading the way is Sunny, antagonistic and prickly. Years ago, Sunny had been the lone survivor of a similar quest.

The reason behind the failure of that quest is something Sunny has never revealed, not even to her grandfather. And Rab is now to discover why.

Trailer produced by Gabrielle Battistel of Trailermade Production