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Many thanks to everyone who stopped by my table at Supanova Brisbane 2017.

It was a great three days and here’s hoping we meet up again after my new work, ‘Once a Dog’, is released by Jaffa Books in 2018.

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The 2017 give-away is now ended and congratulations to the winners.

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Andrew Harvey, principal of Hague Publishing, and I are pleased to bring you the second installment in the continuing story of The Safe Harbour Chronicle.


… some secrets just can’t be contained …

My heart-felt thanks to those readers who have already started down this journey with me; I have sincerely appreciated your generous feedback and hope that you will find ‘Faithless’ equally entertaining and thought-provoking. ‘Faithless’ is available in both print and digital format from Hague Publishing and most online bookstores.

Pre-release review by Danielle de Valera:

I really enjoyed this book. Even though it’s the middle one in a trilogy, it stands alone perfectly. There’s always a sense of mystery in Lafferty Webb’s work, a mystery that seems to be conveyed between the lines rather than in them. This sense of mystery gives an extra dimension to everything she writes. The plot has some lovely, imaginative developments, and the ending left me keen to read the last book in the series when it comes out. A good read.



‘Cold Faith’

The first installment in The Safe Harbour Chronicle, is available in both print and digital format from Hague Publishing and most online bookstores.

A protracted volcanic winter has devastated Earth and left only isolated pockets of survivors. With food becoming scarcer and the air growing toxic, Rab sees just one chance for survival: a perilous journey north in search of a fabled city that was rumoured to be one of the many staging areas where ships were launched, ferrying vast numbers of the people of Earth to a salvation planet.

But Rab didn’t count on being forced to take along the last three children from his dying village. When one of the children breaks his leg, they are rescued by the hostile and sceptical Sunny, and taken by her to an underground refuge where she, her grandfather, and other refugees survive in comparative luxury. But it is a luxury teetering on the edge of collapse, and when Sunny’s grandfather begs to join Rab’s party, Sunny, to Rab’s dismay, insists on coming with them.

Leaving two of his party behind Rab heads north again. With him is Gift, the young girl from Rab’s village, Sunny’s grandfather and Kix, the old man’s ancient horse, the last of its kind. Leading the way is Sunny, antagonistic and prickly. Years ago, Sunny had been the lone survivor of a similar quest.

The reason behind the failure of that quest is something Sunny has never revealed, not even to her grandfather. And Rab is now to discover why.


“Webb is very clever, and successful, in having the world she describes be mysterious and giving the reader only occasional hints about what is really going on. This brings us very close to the characters, who also know only part of the ‘truth’, if they know anything at all. These characters are sharply drawn and we learn as much about them through their actions as through the author’s description. They are people we can empathise with or hate or barrack for. The environment is also an essential character and it seems to continually pit itself against the humans …

Cold Faith is a fine observation of how people respond to dire circumstances and how they do so in different ways. The title itself is a clever allusion to one of the central characters. In this, Webb explores what happens to people who have limited information about their world and how that world adheres to their central beliefs. Like all good speculative fiction, Webb has placed very human characters into a world very different from the one we are familiar with and then allows us to observe how they cope, or don’t cope, with this. We, as readers, can be sympathetic or judgemental about how they respond to the situations they find themselves in.”

Read the full review by Daan Spijer and other extracts under The Safe Harbour Chronicle tab.

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